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Helper Students for Poor Children of Cambodia Organization (HSPCCO)


HSPCCO runs schools and an orphanage for children in the area of Puok Village near SiemReap. This is a very impoverished community in Cambodia, one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world.  Schools teach academic subjects, technical skills, human rights and English. The villages where the three schools operate are far from government schools, and the children would not otherwise receive an education. The children are provided with books and school supplies. SladeChild assists with food and shelter expenses for the orphanage, and school supplies. 

The founder and leader of HSPCCO, "Lucky Man" Samuth Noem, was so named when he escaped the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields, traversing the deadly mine fields multiple times without injury. 1.7 million people died during this regime from 1975-1979, nearly one quarter of Cambodia's population. Lucky Man survived, and vowed to help the children of those who did not have his faith and good fortune.

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