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MUCEC Center

Colón, Panama

There is help for children and young girls in the "Children of Colón: Walking Together" program in Colón, a port city on the Panama Canal. Once beautiful and prosperous, the city is now one of the worst slums in the world, called The Vatican. In the midst of this poverty and despair, in 1985 the Sisters of Mercy founded a Center to help children who are too poor to go to school. The 350 children in the program are provided school supplies, uniforms, clothing, shoes, breakfasts, lunches, eye exams, eye surgery, glasses, dental and medical care. 


The children are listened to, hugged and given hope in a safe place. A Day Care program is offered for pre-school 2-5 year olds, freeing up their mothers so they can work, knowing their children are fed and cared for. School-age children receive food and daily academic help.  Some MUCEC children have gone on to attend the University of Panama. There are everyday miracles worked by the incredible people who run this very needed childrens project.