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Hogar Infantil Orphanage is a refuge for homeless, orphaned, abused and destitute children from the State of Chiapas. 80 boys and girls live, play, and work at the Hogar Infantil home, while attending school in the village of Ocozocautla. Often the children come from an environment of emotional and physical abuse, are malnourished, and lack Spanish language skills, since much of Chiapas’ population is indigenous. 

Educating the children has a tremendously positive impact, helping to break the cycle of poverty. Each child receives emotional guidance, tuition, uniforms and books, medical and dental coverage. They are also taught how to care for the animals and gardens on the orphanage agricultural compound. SladeChild supports Hogar Infantil in providing the essentials of life to these children.

Hogar Infantil Orphanage

Chiapas, Mexico

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